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Best Electric Hand Mixers

Overview of Electric hand mixer

If you have ever baked a cake before, you’ll agree with me when I say the crucial part of pulling off a wonderful cake lies in how well you blend/mix it.

You’ll also agree with me on this. There is nothing like the taste of our kitchen-baked cake. Don’t worry if you haven’t baked a cake before; all it takes is the precise measuring of ingredients and mixing them up well.

The latter part is a breeze with electric hand mixers. And, don’t forget to take them out before they are burnt.

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You might ask, why not beat the mixture manually? A large amount of time in baking a cake is spent battling with the lumps in the batter; hand mixers graciously save your time and help you cook a moist, fluffy and delicious cake in no time.

It gives you an edge over the manually beaten cakes. Be it making whipped cream or meringue to go with your cake. You are sure to ace it. Electric hand mixers are easy to handle, save time and are very affordable.

We have made your task easy by suggesting a few hand mixers. Here are a few options to choose from:

5 Best Electric hand mixers

  1. BAJAJ MajestyHM01 250 W Hand Blender(Check Price)
  2. KENT Hand Blender 150W (16050)(Check Price)
  3. BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer 300 watt m 700(Check Price)
  4. CARTONIX™ 500W Electric Hand Mixer(Check Price)
  5. THRITOP Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer(Check Price)

BAJAJ MajestyHM01 250 W Hand Blender

Bajaj is one of the popular names in the industry for producing some top-selling kitchen appliances. The hand blender from Bajaj whisks, mixes, kneads, beats, covering all the essential activities in a baker’s kitchen. 


The plastic body of the blender is well designed, and it is comfortable to handle. There is just one button on the device to manage the speed and to eject the attachments. The chrome-plated stainless steel dough and beater attachments are durable and do their work efficiently. 

Apart from being an excellent helping hand for making cakes, they also spare your hands from the pain of kneading rotis or chappatis. The dough hook, used at low speed, kneads the flour evenly for a perfect dinner.


  • It comes with a 250 watts motor.
  • The push switch enables you to manage desirable speed ( low, medium and high)
  • The same switch slid down, ejected the blender attachments smoothly.


There is a 2-year warranty on the product. The warranty of the product covers only manufacturing defects.

Contents in the box: Dough Hook, 1 Hand Mixer and Cake Beater.


  • Detachable attachments
  • Easy to clean
  • Three-speed controls
  • Stainless steel attachments


No downside worthy of mentioning 

Should you buy BAJAJ MajestyHM01 250 W Hand Blender?

By far, this is one of the popularly purchased and highly recommended hand blenders. It benefits both casual as well as professional bakers.

KENT Hand Blender 150W (16050)

Big things come in small packages, they say. Kent Hand Blender proves the statement to be true. The compact hand blender does more than you expect with its multiple features. It might also stun you with its mixing and blending function that works on five different speeds, giving you the entire control of the process.


The blender’s body is made of food-grade plastic, and the blades are made of stainless steel. The attractive feature of the product is the stand that holds the blender and the blades, making for a perfect kitchen showpiece. 

Keeping in mind the safety of the users, the in-built overheating protection protects the blender from damage due to heat by switching off the device. But, that rarely would happen since the copper motor promises super-conductivity and low resistance, keeping the motor cool even during prolonged usage.


  • The hand mixer runs on 150 watts motor.
  • It has five variable speed controls.
  • It comes with multiple beaters and dough hooks.
  • There are two switches: to navigate across five different speeds, slide the speed button, change the blades, and press the eject button.

Contents in the Box: Kend hand blender, a pair of beaters and dough hooks, a stand and a user manual.

Warranty: This electric beater comes with 1 Year warranty on the product.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Stand 


  • Not a powerful motor, comparatively.

Should you buy Kent Hand Blender 150W?

The five-speed modes, copper motor and the stand housing the blender is nothing short of amazing. Its pocket-friendly price makes it an even more welcoming product. If that strikes a chord, go ahead and get it.

Black+Decker Hand Mixer 300 watt m 700

In the hustle and bustle of life, all we need is some extra time in hand. Who doesn’t like to multitask in the kitchen? But, if kitchen gadgets lend you a hand, wouldn’t that be great?

Black+Decker hand mixer doesn’t need your help to hold the beater, and it is a standing mixer.

You don’t have to wait until the cream is whipped or the dough is folded. The device does it all alone while you can focus on the garnishes.


This stand mixer doesn’t scare you with its size. It has a compact and beautifully designed plastic body. This device has three components: the stand, mixing bowl and the blender, and the attachment blades. The 3.5 litres geared rotating bowl achieves perfection in whipping, beating and mixing. 

Press the button on the stand to tilt the blender holder to set the bowl in place. Fix the blender onto the stand and switch on the blender to get it doing its task. The blender comes with five speeds and a turbo mode for precise and flexible blending and mixing needs. 


  • It runs on 300 Watts powerful motor.
  • It comprises five different speeds and a turbo mode.
  • The eject button allows smooth attachment and replacement of the blades.
  • The unique rotating bowl enhances the texture and consistency of the ingredients.
  • The stainless steel blades ensure longevity.

Warranty: 2 years warranty on the product.

Contents in the Box: Hand Mixer, user manual, stand and a pair of stainless steel beater and dough hooks.


  • Compact
  • Can run for a long time
  • Rotating bowl
  • Turbo function
  • Stand


  • Can not mix/blend a small quantity

Why should you buy Black + Decker Hand Mixer?

Planning to modernize your kitchen? Black + Decker Hand Mixer 300 watt m 700 will prove to be your best friend in your kitchen by taking your cooking to the next level. This appliance will serve as the best countertop to create a modern kitchen plus comfortably sit in your kitchen cupboard. 

CARTONIX™ 500W Electric Hand Mixer 

The eye-grabbing design of this hand blender is the winning feature. The cylindrical-shaped body is BPA-free and has an ergonomically designed anti-skid handle. This appliance neatly stands on your countertop without messing with the area. The shape of the appliance accounts for its easy handling and storage. 

The five-speed system makes it close to a manual mixer, allowing you to decide how to work the hand blender. Use the first two speeds for mixing liquid batter, the third speed to mix the dough and the fourth and fifth speed for whisking cream, butter, or mousse. The turbo function allows you to mix, blend and whisk swiftly and efficiently. 


 The 500 Watts copper motor runs smoothie and efficiently fulfilling all your whisking, blending and mixing needs in the kitchen. The device has vent holes on the head for effective heat dissipation. There are three buttons on the hand beater: The eject button(to remove the attachment blades), the speed button and the turbo function button.


  • Runs on a quite powerful 500 watts motor.
  • Five adjustable speed + turbo function.
  • Washable stainless steel blades.

Warranty: Not mentioned.

Contents in the Box: Hand blender, pair of whipping and dough hooks.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to handle
  • Professional touch with 500 Watts motor


  • No observable loopholes

Should you buy CARTONIX™ 500W Electric Hand Mixer?

This could be your perfect go-to hand blender at a budget-friendly price. It is a complete value for each penny for the powerful work it does.

THRITOP Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer

Many times searching for the power board to plug in the hand blender might be a bugging task. The thought of not being able to use the blender in your comfortable spot might be upsetting.

The cordless rechargeable hand mixer from Thritop saves you from all this trouble. You can use this cordless Electric hand mixer anywhere on your countertop without the cord coming in the way.


The sleek and compact body of the hand blender comes with an angle twisting button for working with a comfortable angle of your choice. The blender can be bent at 90°, 135° and 180° for a less tiring blending. The blender has two speeds(high and low) and has an on/off switch. The USB charging port is located at the bottom. 


  • It runs on a 12 Watts motor.
  • The two pairs of whisks and juice mixer attachments cover multiple mixing and blending tasks.
  • It can be easily set upright.
  • A single charge of 4.5 hrs lasts for about 60 minutes.
  • It is perfect for making whipped cream, cake batter, meringue, mayonnaise.

Warranty: Not mentioned.

Contents in the Box: Hand mixer, two pairs of whisks, juice mixer and USB cord.


  • Saves space
  • Cordless
  • Angle twisting button


  • Not for heavy batter
  • Can not knead
  • Expensive

Should I buy Thritop Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer?

If you are among the many who are annoyed with the power cord limitations, then this device would be your best pick. The motor speed is comparatively less, making it unfit for heavy batters. It is a good choice for casual bakers who wouldn’t want the blender to aid in kneading.


Q. What is the best wattage for a hand mixer?

Ans. Any hand mixer with 200 -250 wattage is ideal for everyday use and can whisk, blend, knead and mix.

Q. How to maintain the hand mixer?

Ans. The blades/attachments are dishwasher friendly; however, the blender should only be wiped with a dry cloth to remove any stains.

Q. Do Electric hand mixers consume a lot of energy?

Ans. Electric hand mixers don’t consume much energy like the other kitchen gadgets.


Before purchasing an electric hand mixer, make sure for what purpose you will be using it. This will help you decide on the motor power, speed options, and attachment blades that will suit your needs.

The electric hand mixer does all the tasks that need a whisk. They extend a helping hand while sweating out in the kitchen, making the baking process a piece of cake. Saving time and energy, these hand mixers have captured the hearts of many bakers around the world.

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